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Phife Dawg
(05-22-2008, 12:57 PM)
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Originally Posted by CrushDance

It's usually just roster updates. But there's game play changes as well. Bleach owns!:D \


Ah OK, thanks for the info. Not too crazy about Bleach myself though.

Originally Posted by norinrad21

It could become a sleeper hit, which would be awesome

I don't think so.

The original did 21k in the first week, for a LTD of 55k. And that was on the GC of 2005 (meaning deader than dead) :lol .

Originally Posted by dr3upmushroom

Fucking Japan, you rather buy a crappy Mario Kart than buy SMG, the greatest game of this gen. At least it's nice to see a PW game in the list.

Best MK since SMK :D .