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(08-10-2011, 04:12 PM)
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Before people were used to the idea of a new console coming out every five or so years....the Super Nintendo came out.

This local news story shows parent's opinions over Nintendo releasing a brand new console. They noted that the new console couldn't even play NES games, and complained that this was the company trying to steal money from their kids.

Our videogame industry is hotter than ever this season, and one good reason: Nintendo has introduced some hot new toys. But have things gone a bit too far?

Does this really have to cost this much? Where should the anger be directed, not at the parent, but at the weapon manufacturer.

So it has come to this, therapy sessions for families that you could call 'Nintendpendents'.

First all the peer pressure starts, and I start to feel exploited.

As you can see, the 3D effect is pretty good by videogame standards.

I'm going to say No, and I am going to explain to him how people market things to make you spend more money.

This is also notable because it has beta footage of Super Mario World (with the name Super Mario Bros. 4 still in the title).