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(05-01-2012, 01:20 PM)
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List updated.

Added: acksman, Egnirys, Lambtron, JABEE, Hellsing321, underkanter, the walrus, ink4n3. LeleSocho. Megasoum, Triple Nickel, InfiniteNine, Daw840 and fixed the spelling for you Jasconius.

So unless I missed anyone, it looks like this will be the final list.

With a narrow victory of a 160ish votes and 261 total votes from gaf, gaf really made a huge difference here. Things would have gotten extremely messy had the contest ended with us behind and overwhelming evidence of fraud on the part of the other people (lawyers were even consulted to deal with the possibility of this). So glad the contest ended this way and that it didn't have to come to that.

Winner gets announced on the hour.