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It doesn't work because anyone with a brain could deduce that reuniting Caesar with his tribe would cause an uprising. The colonel even interrogated him and knows he's intelligent and wants to kill him because of what happened to his wife and son! The colonel should have killed him on the spot or put him in an isolated cell at the very least.

Then there's the whole virus thing the colonel is deathly afraid of, so why even bring in apes at all? He isn't a scientist and seems to be slightly unhinged as well, so it's hard to believe he wouldn't be paranoid about apes being carriers, especially after what happened to his son. There are a lot of conveniences for the sake of character development and yet it's still plodding. It doesn't work in my opinion.

The colonel wanted Cesar to feel defeated. He knew his followers were losing faith in him and he wanted to shove it in his face. His plan was to kill them all anyway so why not treat him like shit for a little while?

As for the virus, I'm pretty sure you can't get it from apes. You get it from other humans infected with the virus.