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(04-02-2017, 03:05 PM)
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Originally Posted by Hoho for breakfast

Good title!

I'm at 35 or so hours in and have like 15 shrines done and 3 or 4 towers climbed. None of the other crap I keep seeing people talk about. I wish I had more time to game =( I like to take my time with games like this because once it's over....that's it. It'll just be a good memory.

Both my wife and son are at around 50 hours in. My son restarted his game since we just got a Switch and he had been playing the Wii U version.

And I think even my young daughter has put about 20 hours into it lol.

This game consumes everyone.

Same in our family. We're three people playing the game here, and we take very different approaches to the game, we tell different stories, and so on. First Zelda where "how far have you come in the game" doesn't make any sense.