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Regarding Shadow of the Colossus in PCSX2...

Even at fullspeed, SotC isn't the most fluid game. I suspect is has its own framelimiter built in and the animations are keyframed at 20-30 fps or something silly. Still, it can be run full speed (as in, at the best speed it ever achieves on a PS2) and it's definitely playable... but I'm still curious as to how the HD Team ICO Collection will perform.

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It should be noted that your processor is way more important than your graphics card. Also it should be noted that AMD is much worse than Intel in terms of CPU power. I have an AMD Phenom II X3 720 overclocked to 3.2GHz and it's "acceptable". It'd run faster if I could use sse4 or whatever that instruction set is called (it isn't the same on amd and intel chips) that pcsx2 supports. So, if you have AMD you're stuck with sse2 which is much slower.

Also to be noted (at least on my cpu and graphics card, a 1GB 4890 @ stock speeds) that DX10 looks much better than the DX9 renderer, I get better performance out of the DX9 renderer because it's not as slow. I think this is because my CPU is bottlenecking my system with a slower instruction set instead of sse4 like you could do on an intel chip.

Something to keep in mind.

Interesting info. I've been running Intel CPUs for my past couple of builds so I had no idea that AMD CPUs don't support SSE4... always wondered why people have been reporting about AMD procs not running PCSX2 very well compared to Intel CPUs when otherwise they have similar performance. I'll try and squeeze in a blurb in the OP about how the inclusion of SSSE3/SSE4 helps Intel CPUs run PCSX2 better.

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This is a great thread with great info. Please add something that says its a punishable crime to stretch a 4:3 image to fill your screen :-p

Heh, I tried to be diplomatic in the OP... but I definitely wanted to type "play games at the correct AR or YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG." xD

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Excellent job on the intro post for this thread ExMachina. This is what I always wanted to do for the one I started, but never got around to. The old thread has been going for so long, it's gotten hard to sift through all the information that's been piled up. I was just amazed that a thread I started so long ago, still had people posting on it.

PS2 emulation was definitely in a different state back in '07, still lots of great info in that thread. =] I think the release of mainstream CPUs that can emulate most PS2 games at full speed has increased interest a lot... Hell, half the reason I built my recent PC was because of some of the incredible screenshots shared in your old topic and the Dolphin thread.

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Great idea and pulled off with loads of info. I will contribute once I mess more with some games.

Cool, lookin' forward to getting a little more game variety...