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(04-14-2011, 04:19 AM)

Originally Posted by teiresias

Question about the HW Anti-Aliasing Hack setting.

I can run with 4x with little performance hit in FFXII (depending on the zone), but I get some screen corruption of some kind along the top and left side of the screen, as if the rendered area is shifted one pixel or so to one side and down.

Does anyone else experience this? Just wondering if there is a work-around fix for it? Maybe I need to move on to one of the daily builds to fix it?

Otherwise, playing on my plasma doesn't really require 4x with 4x native resolution.

Also, general question, is it better to stick to 4x internal resolution, or to set a custom 1920x1080 internal resolution? Is the program optimized better for the resolution multipliers maybe? I'm guessing 4x internal res. actually is a larger resolution than a custom 1080p resolution, right?

I don't see any corruption in FF12 w/ 4xAA, using SVN r3878. Might as well give a newer build a shot, can't hurt.

It's better for IQ to use Nx scaling rather than setting an arbitrary resolution.

The native resolution varies from game to game (many run at less than 640x480, the PS2's ideal res) so you'll get a different resolution with the same multiplier from game to game, but 4x almost always ends up larger than 1080p. For FF12, 4x will render the game at 2048x1792.