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Seth Enosh
(10-12-2017, 03:52 PM)

Originally Posted by Duxxy3

Feel bad for Cliffy and the team. The game just feels so unneeded. PUBG is the new hotness. Overwatch has a huge community. CSGO has a huge community. Even the F2P shooter market is fairly well flooded.

People will make room for the next COD and the next Dice game, but that's about it. Strangely enough, a single player first person shooter would have done FAR better than Lawbreakers has. Of course what I'd really love to see is Cliffy and Bosskey work on a new Gears title (I know, shocker there).

Single player would also have helped with the “population is low so not sure if I should buy it” line of thinking.

I haven’t played since destiny came out. What I played of it was cool and after a few hours I got good at the game and got some nice placements on the scoreboard, but I’ve just been too busy with destiny since then... The changes in the most recent patch don’t sound great either.