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(02-07-2017, 10:41 PM)
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Turns out the Veigar was a full-fledged troll. Made sure not to write in chat so as to not leave any logs behind, fed out of his ass and also disconnected for a bit every time he got himself killed. Couldn't we have a "report for obvious trolling" button in the report form? The worst part is that there was somebody else in the team that kept voting no for surrender while they kept taking towers, dragons and baron.

Also, are you telling me I deserve being paired up with not only a 2/14/6 troll support Veigar, but also a 3/12/6 Lucian and a 4/15/4 Lee Sin? I ended up going 2/5/4 with a CS of 164 to Gnar's 172, and the only truly good player in our team was a 14/6/3 mid Jayce.

Sure, it's the luck of the draw, but tell me I'm supposed to consistently go on win streaks if things like these happen to me every two or three games at best.

To compensate, a later game had me disconnect due to random internet issues, and when I came back half an hour later we were about to win since the enemy adc had disconnected early on as well. Basically, which games I won or lost were mostly dictated by which team happened to get the sucky players, which makes it so that I don't feel like I have as much agency in actually winning and losing because there's always four other people on my team that heavily influence the match based on how good or bad they are.