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(01-31-2013, 01:27 AM)
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Originally Posted by Black Flames

I need the Kamikazes. I had no idea the original colorway came back out and now they're all on eBay for $200+. Hate resellers man.

Word! Those Kamikazes are hot if I find them for a reasonable price they're mine.

Originally Posted by Slizz

I want to contribute some other good sneaker cleaning methods. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are incredible for spot cleans and touch ups in between full cleans.

Then for a full clean I recommend this:

20$ with shipping and totally worth it. Works on all surfaces too, including suede(use a toothbrush instead of the firm brush they provide you)

My most recent kicks are these:

Love Dunks.

Ok cool ill add it. I was really into Dunks but now I like Air Max better.