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Eteric Rice
(05-10-2009, 04:09 AM)
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Originally Posted by Forkball

Some Pokemon already looked different based on their gender, so that's not new. But are you saying that if your Pichu's parents are Rattata and Pikachu that it will look different than if it's parents were Ninetails/Pikachu? That's pretty interesting and cool but nothing mind-blowing. Seems to be more aesthetic than anything.

Uh, no, I think he means that each pokemon you find might have a different aspect to them (curly hair, messy hair, different ear) that other pokemon can inherit.

I don't think breeding a pikachu with a ratatta with produce something like a pikachu with ratatta's tail or anything. Maybe if the ratatta has curly hair, the pikachu might inherit it.