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(03-19-2017, 07:40 PM)
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Originally Posted by Mupod

I made a team to goof around with a -blade tome and cavalry buffs, then ended up clearing the deathless 10th stratum x15 orb quest with them. Ursula did most of the heavy lifting but the others leveled from 36 to 40 in the process.

Gunter can't kill anything for shit because he obviously doesn't get his own +6/+6 attack buff, so he's been harder to level. Also I swapped in Stahl for Eliwood when I did some arena for fun, and he is far more useful since he can definitely kill greens when buffed. The fun thing is arena still puts me up against level 40 5* units including Takumi and Lucina.

If I were to try and make this an actual team, Draw Back on one of the support units for Ursula would be a must.

Next up is flying units I suppose...I don't see how this is gonna be doable outside of resetting the tower until I see a 3-unit squad with a healer.

Horse Emblem is tons of fun. I too have Blarblade to Ursula and the results are hilarious and I haven't even had a chance to put fortify calvary on someone yet.

As to the bolded that's i fed Gunter to Elise. Better to heal than to sit and do nothing but buff.