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(03-04-2017, 05:48 AM)
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JVCC Amazon Prime Shipping Felt Tape.

From the Sliding the Switch in and out of the dock will inevitably scratch the screen thread

That's what the hinge stickers are for "Doh".

Ozrly protector application

Originally Posted by Smowza

I used a spare microfiber cloth (black would have been better) to which I stuck double sided tape to one side and cut to the required size. Easy ☺️

Originally Posted by civilstrife

No shade to all y'all but I think I came up with the best solution.


Just cut into shape and apply. They're self adhesive.

Honestly feels like it's built into the system. The Switch glides beautifully into place. Honestly thinking about putting it on the back ridges too.

Obviously this situation should never have happened, but I'm super pleased with the result.