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(03-04-2017, 07:42 AM)
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Originally Posted by Aztechnology

They aren't too large? The foam was almost too thick on a single side for me.

Not even slightly. Perfect fit.

Originally Posted by vatstep

I appreciate your work on this but I still think the "soft" side of velcro seems like it might be a wee bit abrasive, no? Maybe not all velcro is created equal.

The soft side of real Velcro is incredibly soft. I've used it in the past for things like this, i.e. a metal iPad stand I have, and it's super soft and not abrasive at all. I think people are maybe thinking of the other side of Velcro, which would be abrasive.

I also use a good screen protector, and Im careful to use good technique to get perfect applications. My advice to anyone buying a touchscreen device, always buy a good quality screen protector and apply it immediately when you first remove the device from its packaging. Do it in a very clean space, use the shower technique if needed (I do), and consider wearing a dust mask.

Replacing an $8 screen protector is easier than replacing an expensive device, and much less traumatic.

Anyway, for me the dock issue is solved.