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Originally Posted by Jimnymebob

I'm not (really) hating on the N64 library here, but what would even be on this?
Mario 64
Both Zeldas
Wave Race 64
Smash Bros
Mario Kart 64
Star Fox 64
Up to 3 Mario Party games
Kirby 64
Pokémon (either Snap, or Stadium 2 if you could connect it to the 3DS VC)
F-Zero X

What good 3rd party stuff would they be able to get? The Rare games would be out of reach, right?

Ogre battle 64
Megaman legends (if Capcom was a needed partner)
Resident evil 2
Bomberman 64 or heroes
Tony Hawk pro skater
Crusin USA
Harvest Moon
One of the wrestling games
Rogue Squadron
Also you forgot paper Mario and Mario tennis
Hell maybe they will even do one of the castlevania games, but I assume 15 to 18 games this time anyways.