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(05-25-2012, 12:56 PM)
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Personally, I strongly dislike the whole concept of cloud gaming, but of the 2 big players Gaikai always seemed less annoying and more realistic by far, so that's something.

Well, I don't dislike everything about the idea of streaming, just the "cloud" part. If I could stream all my PC/PS3 games from my own PC/PS3 to Vita that would be extremely awesome.

Originally Posted by 99%

Sony's thinking:

1. Build most powerful handheld ever.
2. Rely on cloud gaming for games, which doesn't utilize power of said handheld.

= profit?

This doesn't seem right.

Well, at least it also has the best screen and the most control options on a handheld gaming device ever, which would be very useful for cloud gaming.