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(05-25-2012, 01:00 PM)
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Originally Posted by navanman

So could this work like the ultimate backwards compatibility for next gen consoles?

No need for Sony to design emulator or integrate hardware when they can stream the games to you over the cloud?
Some sort of code reading of your old PS2/PS3 games in new consoles disc drive you give access to the streaming version..

Yeah, although I still have doubts about running PS3 software off cloud hardware, unless Sony is getting a little more involved on the technical side than I'd imagine they will.

Pretty much every other one of their platforms' software could be run off commodity cloud hardware now, though. And perhaps, importantly, PS4 software too.

I imagine this will start relatively small though. If they're going to make PSone and PS2 games available on these kind of service, they're probably going to have to go through the same rigmarole around licensing individual games as they did for PSone classics on PSN. So it'll probably take a while to build the catalog - assuming it is a single growing catalog, and not a changing mix of games each month or something. I wonder if minis licensing was more flexible, if it'd allow them throw up more games more easily.