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Originally Posted by GopherD

Hmmm...Gaikai enables a custom created streaming module. You can license the tech and modify it for your business.What if it's something like:
- a new version of Remote Play for Vita (streaming all PS3 games to the handheld) or
- being able to play PS3 games on your PC (streaming all PS3 games to the PC) or
- being able to stream PC games to the PS3 (unlikely but nom nom nom)
- streaming BC for PS2 games

All of those options would be pretty sweet.

All of these would be fantastic. The advantages of streaming without any of the annoyances and loss of control of "cloud" gaming.

I'd be really happy with just being able to stream any PS3 game to Vita, but I just don't see how it could happen. Encoding and streaming a video is far from free in terms of performance.