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(03-19-2017, 12:35 AM)
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Originally Posted by thomasmahler

Have you finished it? I completely agree that the white space is very, very important and ALTTP as well as Zelda 1 or Links Awakening have a lot of that too, but even in that white space, they usually managed to put little secrets like lifting a bush to find a hidden cave or other cool things in there. With this open world design, it often goes way too far and you just end up with vast landscapes or you just running and climbing with little to no interactivity.

There's a very fine line between 'white space' and 'white space that feels like wasted space'.

No, I haven't finished it but again, during my playthrough (dozens of hours), I'm enjoying the sense of discovery. Sure, what's there to be discovered isn't varied. But you seem to be campaigning for content every inch. That would get overwhelming and deter from the sense of discovery. Right now, there's plenty to traverse but there's a goal or discovery somewhere. Those findings would be diluted if the fun per inch were cranked up.

Again, my opinion could change if I tried to 100% it. But as is, I'm just playing, discovering, and seeing what pops up next. I think a bigger annoyance is how rain gets in my way of exploration and I have to put the controller down for a few minutes to climb.