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(03-19-2017, 12:40 AM)
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Originally Posted by Saint Gregory

I agree with every one of your points, although I thought the sidequests did a better job than most games at giving you different goals to accomplish but that's just me. I'm only half way though at this point but I can't imagine that this won't end up being one of the finest games that I've ever played when I'm done. I really don't even feel like I want another Zelda game this gen, just keep releasing refinements and DLC for this game throughout the gen and I'll be good.

Of all your criticisms the thing about the shrines is the most baffling and easy to correct to me. I really don't understand how simply having themed shrines for each area didn't occur to Nintendo. There's actually already shines built around a lot of the games regional elements, all they had to do was group them together and change the art style for them. Such a bizarre oversight that prevents BotW from truly being GOAT game material, even though I think it's still on the short list.

thats because it wasn't an oversight. It was a decision to save time.