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The Genesis was my first console ever and definitely one of my favorites. <3 There's still classics I haven't tried on the system yet so I should look into those sometime soon. I should get Contra and Castlevania.

Hard Corps lives up to its name, Bloodlines is fantastic and ive no idea why it doesnt come up in Castlevania talks more often. Neither will disappoint!

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i always wonder how many of the games I enjoyed on this system were actually good.. Stuff like B.O.B or the chester cheetah games, etc, all experienced on the genesis :P

oh man, when i was looking up titles for this thread, there's so very many that fit that bill for me... i even revisited a few last year just to find out, here's a few that did not age well at all in my book (versus memories of being stuck with them for weekends/months at a time of course)
  • DJ Boy
  • Jurassic Park - still cool to play as a raptor, mind you
  • Taz-Mania - looks great still though
  • Comix Zone is a mean game that hates you
  • Eternal Champions didn't survive the 90s for a reason
  • Super Hydlide is what you play when there's literally no other RPGs and you already beat Sword of Vermillion
  • Aero the Acrobat sucked
  • most licensed games that we all played like Batman Returns (and id say X-Men as well) do not stand the test of time
  • fuck i'm forgetting the others

i mean stuff like Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing and Mr. Zoom were kinda crap even in the day, but there's others im afraid to have my rose-tinted feelings on them tarnished, like say Cool Spot