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(01-23-2013, 08:42 AM)
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GAF: i know a lot've you recommend SCART (or at least S-vid) for SNES, what are my best options for hooking up a genny?

Originally Posted by DidntKnowJack

God dammit. This thread is going to have me visiting ebay every 5 minutes.

aw man, i can't do it. yeah i want a bunch here too but im gonna try sticking to craigslist & garage sales fora bit, for the most part ebay doesnt jack em up nearly as high as SNES ones but it's still silly for lesser known ones, from what ive seen. again, i can get Moonwalker for like $20 in a decent case, but CL has people with a genesis + 10 games for that amount...sure, 2 of them are fucking Home Alone, but still!