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(03-14-2014, 12:45 AM)
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I meant to do a proper feature on this band in the last thread, and still intend to do one here at some point, but for now I'll alert you all that the masterfully excellent band High Spirits dropped the first single from their upcoming sophomore album. Their first LP, Another Night, is one of my favorite albums ever. The name of the band is such a fitting description of the music... it's high energy, catchy, and beautifully simplistic in song structure without sacrificing any compositional elements.

Oh, and every single song on the new record is done ENTIRELY by Chris Black. Vocals, guitars, drums, and bass. You know, the same Chris Black who is also the creator of bands Superchrist and Dawnbringer, as well as involved in Pharaoh. He's one insanely talented dude, that's for sure.

Click the pic, Rick!

And if you even slightly enjoy the song (it's one that took a few listens to grow on me, but I've now heard it roughly 30 times), for the love of Odin check out the previous High Spirits album. It's one of the best records to throw on while drinking beer and chilling with friends, and has a level of accessibility that even my beloved Blind Guardian can't touch.

Ah, jeez. It looks like this post is turning into my write-up, doesn't it? Fine!

Click the pic, slick, for a link to the full album.

HammerOfThor in particular should check out the first song, as it's about living in Chicago.

I would quote wrap the album art, but NOPE. I want these staring you down, so you have no excuse not to listen! Take THAT, favorite GAF community!