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(03-20-2017, 09:17 PM)

Originally Posted by Aaronrules380

No it means you should always be cautious about which release dates you believe and look at a few things to ascertain how likely they are to be true
1. How specific is the date? More specific dates are usually more likely to be accurate
2. How much have we been shown so far compared to the date?
3. For games like this where localisation is a huge factor: How long will it likely take to localize? For the date to be true, what's the earliest it would need to be out in Japan for it to make the date in the west if localisation is not simultaneous? How likely is a simultaneous localisation?

There's a difference between being cautious, as most people in this thread are, and denying every scenarios and explanations about why it could release this year, and mocking other people while rehashing older and unrelated examples as to why it can't release this year.