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Always bet on white
(09-01-2014, 03:47 AM)
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Yeah, sounds good, this week is bit chaotic, but next week i'm up any day (Sunday-Thursday) for a lunch hi.

yup this week i have a promise with Jonnyram and another with my wife, as well as meetings - but next week looks a good idea :D

Re: Osaka

My last trip to Osaka was the biggest mindfeck ever. The short version is someone i thought was dead (literally) suddenly friended me on Facebook - this is 8 years after his "death". I accept and he is "you are in Tokyo, i have a 3 day holiday in Osaka to go eat food (i am now a chef) - lets do it"
Complete insane set of days - 5 meals a day (!!!) for 3 days , he had a list of all the places he wanted to go and inbetween those we hit some bars and went out clubbing each night (had one particularly amazing night in a Reggae club with a set of locals we'd bumped into), got taken karaoke by
random set of ladies, met an Osakan Ipswich Town fan....

I <3 Osaka - it's a completely different vibe to Tokyo and , whilst that time was messy, the several other times i've been have been equally as random and awesome.

Only place better has been Hiroshima - good god, that place has been crazy every night i've spent there.