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Originally Posted by AtomskEater

Avoiding what subject, thought? I'm skimming the article but I don't see where in the cross-examination this comment was placed. It's a weird comment to make during the trial for sure, but there would be a difference to me if she said this at the end of the cross-examination or if this was the first thing out of her mouth after a question where the answer wouldn't make her look good.

The insecure comment just seems like a mean dig from the judge. Are unusual (either in content or timing) compliments to strangers a sign of insecurity in general?

The comment is definitely irrelevant to the incident she was there to testify about, so it would have been an avoidance of any question that was posed to her at the time, although I see your point. If she said it at the end, it wouldn't have suggested she was trying to avoid an answer, but it still would have been inappropriate. Maybe I'm too cynical, but a compliment out of nowhere to opposing Counsel seems like a deliberate attempt to appear "nice" and sway the fact finder. Either that, or the witness isn't taking the matter seriously and would rather comment on frivolous things.

It sounds like the Judge interpreted it, not as an attempt at manipulation or frivolity, but as an indication she was so obsessed with the appearance of Counsel she legitimately could not restrain herself from commenting?