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Originally Posted by Gamerloid

Susan G Komen didn't want money from a pornographic organization. They didn't say much in their respond except that they don't want to work with them and for them not to try and make donations in their name and officially rejected it.

The idea was that for the month of October, PornHub would pay a cent every 30 views on videos tagged with big/small breast. The ratio these videos normally accumulated was about 70-90 million a month, which would result in about $30K in donations.

Maybe it was the way it was going about it, but it's a donation for a good cause.

I'd understand not wanting to associate the two with each other or thank a porn company for such a serious cause, but that's a decent amount of money that could be used to help sufferers.

Of course if it hurt their chances with other potential donators, then it makes sense to decline.