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(04-24-2012, 04:53 AM)
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i finished Inferno III for the first time earier today. 70 something faults, wasnt too bad.

if it werent for those planks and to a lesser extent the barrel jump after the planks, it would be a cake walk for me. its a short and seemingly easy level.

i am so bad at the planks though. they were my major stumbling block in HD and the reason i never 0 faulted Inferno 2. (that and a lack of an extra 50 hrs practice)

Originally Posted by enzo_gt

Limbo is so hard for me for some reason. The altered physics throws me off every time, and I continually fuck up at the drop down :(

is it you that said this earlier in the thread too? there are no altered physics in the Limbo track. the camera is pulled back and its dark, thats pretty much all that different.

it;s not a great track though, i agree. at least its not as shitty as 1 Bit Trip! (like someone else said earlier. hate that fucking track)

Originally Posted by Najaf

Half way through first tier medium platinums.

Jimbo, Brakara and WhiteHawk, all your times will be mine! (damn you rollercoaster)

who is Jimbo on GAF? is he even still here? (im gonna feel dumb huh?). we added each other for HD and ive been chasing his ghosts ever since. i immediately forgot his gaf name though.

do you have MadMav on your friend list too? i think i got him through jimbo if i remember correctly...