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(04-24-2012, 05:02 AM)
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Originally Posted by Daigoro

is it you that said this earlier in the thread too? there are no altered physics in the Limbo track. the camera is pulled back and its dark, thats pretty much all that different.

it;s not a great track though, i agree. at least its not as shitty as 1 Bit Trip! (like someone else said earlier. hate that fucking track)

Nah, first time complainer here haha. Everything feels floatier for some reason to me. Hmm.

Originally Posted by A27 Tawpgun

So I saw in Local races you can bail to the finish but you can't do that online.

They should make it so you can do that online. Its hilarious.

I'm not even kidding, this practically MAKES local multiplayer. It seems so simple in theory but makes it SO much fun on some more "loose" tracks. The multiplayer locally has this crazy dynamic where if the tracks are flowy and less technical, they make for great fun with the bailout finish mechanic, but with technical tracks, you get the added touch of watching people fail and begin hoping the lone survivor will carry them to the next checkpoint; only to see them fail beautifully as well. This game is a riot offline.