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Originally Posted by Daigoro

holy crap i just remembered. someone from gaf invited me to some multiplayer games the other day.

how about those awesome user created tracks that you cant finish because your lane comes to a dead end? awesome right?!

we played 2-3 of those during a short period. good times.

I think I was there for that. There was that one track where my lane had this MASSIVE thing right at the start line that I couldn't get over, and someone else's lane just had nothing in it at all. That was fun!

Originally Posted by BKXB

The barrel in The Wreck. Argh.

This was my nemesis yesterday. Rage quit at it three times. I finally got it and posted this on another forum, it might help.

Jump up there and lean forwards in such a way that your front wheel lands on the barrel and your back wheel is high in the air, and slam on the brakes. You should balance there for a bit. From that position, you can quickly lean backwards to shift your back wheel to the barrel, and then quickly launch forwards from there with a little bunny hop to make the distance if needed. Still takes a bit of practice, but it works. I was trying for ages just to land on the barrel normally and wait, and you just can't get enough speed off it that way. If that doesn't make sense, find my replay on the leaderboard to see me do it.

I was reaching that bit on 15 faults and fumbling over in 200, but now I've set a time of 19 faults and got the gold medal for it!