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(12-06-2010, 11:01 AM)
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Originally Posted by wwm0nkey

Ok well I got the OK to tell people about this from my work, but we officially got word in that all US based Game Stop stores will be taking reserves on the 3DS starting on the 26th. Depending on the place holder price you will be required to drop a minimum of $25 on a reserve.

This is a personal guess but since we need a estimated time of release I would assume Nintendo is about to officially reveal the price and release day anytime from the 25th to January 1st.

Or they'll use a placeholder date like Canadian EB Games for March 20th? The estimated time of release is March 2011.

Originally Posted by squicken

lol day after Christmas at Gamestop is like Armageddon. Why would it be that day to add to the carnage?

It's a way of having a Boxing Day promotion / sale without actually holding a promotion / sale. Genius actually.