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Originally Posted by Dragoon En Regalia

Tom @ XSEED recently looked at the music folders for both Ys Seven PC and Trails of Cold Steel PC:

tl;dr You get these games' soundtracks free from the get-go, and I suspect we can replace tracks so long as they match the BGM table and loop metadata (or however the ports/engines call and stream music audio).

Here's hoping people can find how to create loop points, seeing as it was really easy to do in both Felghana and Origin. Although for Seven there just aren't enough arranges to make this a really worthwhile endeavor, especially as most people don't seem to be too big on the Summer 2010 jdk album versions of Five Dragons and Crossing Rage.

But hey, Mother Earth Altago and Great Tree are awesome in that, so I might have to mess around with it! Especially Great Tree. It's such an improvement over the original...

Linky links for comparisons. OG vs Summer 2010.