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Originally Posted by MrT-Tar

Despite being a huge JRPG fan, I've honestly never played a Ys game before. I even own some of the games on GOG (Origin, I & II Chronices +, III remake, VI).

Am I correct in thinking that by the end of this year, only V won't have an official English translation? IIRC IV has a Vita remake (but will probably sometime get ported to Steam/GOG) and V has a PS2 remake that was never localised but may be in the near future.

If you want to go by 'numbers', then, yeah, by the end of the year only V won't have any versions avaible officially in english. That said, V isn't really a good game and is considered by many the black sheep of the series, so Falcom are bound to remake it sooner or later, and chances are we're getting it in english then.

IV was remade by Falcom as Memories of Celceta, and right now is a Vita exclusive, but if Seven PC does well then I imagine there's no reason it won't see a release on Steam as well, as you said. It's curious because the IV remake is the first time Falcom themselves worked on that story, since the two existing versions of it, Mask of the Sun and Dawn of Ys, had been developed by other companies who licensed it from them.