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I wish they had redone textures or something. I'm not trying to shit on them here for bringing this to the PC, but it looks like the PSP game running in PPSSPP, with some higher res 2D elements like the character profile pictures and such. I just wish it had a little bit more improvement. It's a great game though and people should play it.

Originally Posted by Blue-kun

That said, V isn't really a good game and is considered by many the black sheep of the series, so Falcom are bound to remake it sooner or later, and chances are we're getting it in english then.

I'm going to disagree with this hardcore. I feel like 75% of the people who say this, have never played Ys V (not saying you, just over the internet in general). Personally I had a really fun time with V, and it shits all over the shit stain train wreck that is VI. Seriously Ark is the absolute worst in the series, by a long country mile. V is different for sure, but it begins to introduce things that become more common in the modern Ys games, and while it's short, it's probably twice the length of Ys III.

Personally I feel people should stop being told not to play Ys V and allowed to try it for themselves. I'd play through Ys V about 10 more times before ever picking up Ark again.

I had no idea so many people thought Origins was the best Ys game. I do not share my Ys taste with the rest of GAF if that's the case at all.