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Originally Posted by J10

Shit, if they're gonna have two movies that close together with Avengers 2 in May, maybe they can squeeze another movie in for later in the year. I so wish they'd do three movies a year.

They have hinted in the past that they may go to 3 movies a year and with all the plans we are hearing they might have for Phase 3 I think it is pretty much an inevitability. Probably not until 2016 at the earliest though. Disney won't want something later in November because it will compete with their animated movie.

In the future when they go to three a year I think the general schedule will likely be:
  1. Beginning of May
  2. End of July
  3. Beginning of November
  1. March/Beginning of April
  2. May
  3. November

For 2015 they just have a lot going on since they have to fit in two Pixar movies, Star Wars, their animated movie, and Pirates 5 in addition to 2 Marvel films. I think after Pirates 5 they will probably go full Star Wars and Marvel for their live releases, which frees up an extra slot for Marvel.