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(04-20-2016, 03:46 AM)
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Originally Posted by codswallop

A few years back they had a change in manufacturing (removing palm oil, or adding it ... something to do with oil). The result is that while the biscuit was fine, all the flavouring never stuck to the biscuit.

I find this line (direct from Arnotts ... are you on their payroll or something!?!) absurd. I've been buying shapes (many of their varieties) for many, many years (at about a rate of one box a week), and enjoying them thoroughly. I didn't notice a couple of years ago when the flavour suddenly stopped adhering to the biscuits. They've been just as delicious the whole time.

I'm pretty sure that either:

1) someone new in Arnotts Had To Make His Mark by changing something arbitrarily, or
2) they had to get some new machinery in to replace older stuff and they couldn't replicate the old baking style so they're trying to pass it off as "yeah, we totally did this on purpose".

Disclaimer: I have not had any of the new batch. I just want to refute this bizarro line that the biscuits were somehow broken and flavourless, because they just simply were not.