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Originally Posted by Charamiwa

It's funny because gathering ingredients can be tedious sometimes (to me anyway), but it does give you a different perspective on the world. The other day I had to gather a lot of Swift Violets, which are plants that only grow on cliffs. So I spent two hours on the Hebra mountains climbing cliffs in extreme cold, defintetely something I hadn't done do in this region before.

Another example would be some electrical bugs that are common on the Akkala region at night. You can find them on trees so I did some exploring in the forests of the region. The gathering is nothing too interesting but the world makes it worth it.

I also discovered two interesting features during gathering.

1. High level bokoblins know how to ambush wild animals by couching down. When the low level bokoblins are jumping around to look for preys, they just couch down and wait for the animals approaching them.

2. Lizalfos eat bugs. Pretty self-explanatory. I discovered them using their tongues to catch dragonflies. Very cool.