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(08-24-2016, 08:03 PM)
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Originally Posted by Spinluck

Well it's been about 2 months so I think I should open up because it's eating away at me.

I agree with gwalio. Don't bother with this person. I think you made a few mistakes, she seemed to ask for space and you gave it to her which is good, but then she made signs that she wanted you to kiss her more (straight up said it to you) and you still backed off. Maybe you went a bit cold on her because you were feeling confused too.

For the most part though, this person doesn't value you or your time. You were her backup. You deserve someone who likes you as much as you like them.

You say you want closure? What does that mean? You want her to text you saying it's not going anywhere? Be honest with yourself, what kind of relationship could you have with this girl knowing all the things you know now? If I were you, I'd just delete her number and walk away. Or maybe send her a text saying something to the effect of 'I had fun, but it's too much for me' and then bail. Give yourself closure that way if you need to.