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Well it's been about 2 months so I think I should open up because it's eating away at me.

At the end of June I got on Tinder looking because I was bored. Matched with a girl, and we talk quite a bit, eventually we meet up for a movie. Goes good, we hug, and then part ways. We talk like all day (through text), and I end up going over her place one night. We watch a movie, eat pizza, and have a good time. We hug, then I go home. Next date, I take her out for dinner, then we went back to her place again. Played some Mario Kart and DKC together, after that we decided to watch some Broad City. That night, I snuggle next to her, and before a left, I kissed her.

Next day, she doesn't text me at all, and as I'm getting off of work. I text her saying that I'm sorry for the kiss, she asks why, and then I answer that it caused her to act strange. She says that I shouldn't regret it, and that she's been quiet because she's confused. I ask her, "over what?" And she says that she doesn't know what she wants. Says she wants someone to hangout with and talk to like boyfriend but not a boyfriend. So we agree to let things go back to the way they were.

Next day I don't text her much at all and she notices, and proceeds to call me out on it. "I feel like you're not talking to me as much since I told you I'm confused." I apologize and explained that I thought she needed time or space to think. She says sorry for doing that to me, and we begin talking again.

Anyway, sometime in July she needed help moving out of her apartment. I bring a friend of mine to help, and we're flirting like crazy throughout the day. Hey parents were there and I got to meet them too. They seemed really cool and we all ate dinner together afterwards. Anyway, she invited me over that night because she wants to see me. But I come with the intention of just chilling since I'm still under the impression she wants things friendly. We watch a movie, fall asleep, and then I hug her and leave. On the way home, she text me that she wishes I could've stayed the night (I couldn't because of work). I say me too. She then says that she wanted me to kiss her and I said that i didn't want to try and pull anything romantic to make things worse for her. And it's left at that.

We talk some (pretty much every day), and then I ask her out to go see Lights Out. We go out, see the movie, I kiss her multiple times, we go back to her place and cuddle. Before I leave, I kiss her a few times goodbye, and then head home. On the way home, she texts me asking me why every kiss was just a peck tonight. I tell her that she didn't seem like she's wanted to do more and kept complaining about being tired and hungry. At this point I'm starting to get confused. Anyway, that's the last time that I see her (end of July).

She's a school teacher and said that when school was back it'd be hard for us to see each other (early August). I try to invite her out for breakfast and she says yes, as long as it's really early because she has a shit ton of things to do. She cancels last minute. I then ask her out again, she cancels saying that she has a night out with coworkers planned. I ask her to Suicide Squad, "I'll be too busy" (and then she sees it with her dad the following Sunday). One day she says, "depending on how much I get done, maybe you can spend the night tonight?" I say cool, I'll text you after work. She says, "just to sleep and cuddle, I'm not trying to fuck you or anything." I agree. I get off of work and she says, "I'm exhausted, I can't tonight, I'm sorry." I then tell her I have no idea what's going on and explain that I'm not sure what I can and can't do because idk where her mind is, she apologizes and says maybe she should back off and not drag me along while she's lost. I ask her if that's what she's leaning towards and she hits me with "not necessarily."

Anyway, I ask her out and she says she's too busy preparing school stuff. But invites me to come over her place. On the way she says something came up and if I'm already on my way I can still come. But I decided not to because she said it'd be really hard to see me in her current state. I ask her what's wrong and get the following message:

"I might as well just tell you. I was seeing a guy I work with all last school year. He didn't want to commit to me, but he wasn't seeing anyone else. He all of a sudden dropped me when summer started. Stopped talking to me, hanging out, everything. I called him out on it, and he eventually apologized and said he just lost interest. Now I have to see him every day at work again and act like nothing is wrong. This afternoon, he posted a snapchat with another girl and it about killed me. So there you go. I caught feelings for a guy that didn't care about me at all. That's why I'm a fucking mess."

She tells me she has no hopes with getting with this dude again, but ever since school started we haven't talked as much and go days without talking to each other. I haven't talked to her since Friday, and our last exchange was is us flirting and whatnot sending selfies to each other. If I texted her now I'd get a response, but I was hoping to see if she'd reach out to me. My biggest problem right now is that i just want closure, or to know what the hell is going on. Should I text her or play her game? I sent the last text and it was me calling a pic she sent me cute with a joke in there.

PS: after the first time she told me she was confused, I reactivated my Tinder and saw that she was still on there. It really sucks because I let my guard down with this girl and felt a connection. She says she thinks we have a connection but doesn't know if it's just friendly or more. At this point I need help moving on or whatever I need to do because it's emotionally taxing on me and my work schedule is cruel.

Holy fuck, reading this was emotionally draining. I have the solution through brother.

Step 1. Delete her number
Step 2. Delete her from any social media
Srep 3. Do a new activity you always wanted to try. Make time for it. I dont care how busy you are.
Step 4. If you ever find yourself ending a date 3 at her house with a hug and dry dick, bail right then and there.
Step 5. Pursue other women. Be forward about this shit being dates and not friendship