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Vied for a tag related to cocks, so here it is.
(03-27-2011, 09:17 PM)
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Originally Posted by addyb

I was torn as well before I got mine. I ended up buying 4 launch titles! Lol
Pilot wings, pes, SSF4 and RR.

Pilot wings shows off the 3D the best but it's fairly short so not much longevity. It is fun though. I picked up SSF4 as it's the only online title and it's superb online.
I'm not a massive RR fan but again it's good fun once you get past the first few sets of races and I'm a big pes fan anyway and I think the 3DS version is great. Wish it was online though!

Is pilotwings not replayable? Like getting the high rankings and whatever?