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I don't think that's a good reason. I mean, he's going to be King of the entire land and rule over all Lords, he's not really dealing with other Kings, politics doesn't play a strong enough role here. He knows how to play his role as a leader, he knows how to delegate etc etc. Renly is just a jealous brother who has done fuck all to prove himself other than suck some dick.

EDIT:Also, it's not that people take Stannis seriously, its that Stannis is too serious which is why people don't like him, but that shouldn't be enough to keep him from his rightful throne.

I'm not necessarily disagreeing, I just think that both sides have a legitimate reason. If you are only going by heir then Stannis is right or Joffrey since he is the one the previous king willed to be king or Dany since she was the rightful heir to a the king before Robert took the throne. Kingship in this realm seems to be best described as whoever wins it. Politics.

In this instance, if you are going by perception, it's clear that everyone except for Ned and Stannis think Renly is the best fit for king of the realm.

Should there be a revolution over it considering there are already 2 brewing? I would say no since Stannis was only interested in the kingdom up to the point that he would be king. When it didn't appear like this would be possible he cared nothing about the kingdom and the people know that. However, that's just one side of the issue