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(10-29-2011, 10:58 PM)
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Originally Posted by darkside31337

Why are you against the Astros moving to the AL?

I honestly don't get it. Moving to the AL West would be a good thing for the Astros.

because they are using it as a way to fuck with Mclane/Crane. Because Mclane announced the sale way back in May, even though Selig asked them not to. And because Crane has that whole shady business history. So its not really about moving to the AL. Meanwhile the team is pretty much held hostage because the sale is in limbo. If the Astros were a playoff team they wouldn't be jacking with them.

But the AL sucks, real baseball is played in the NL. The Astros have always been an NL team.

Because we are in Central Standard time, so a good chunk of our road games would come on at 9pm here. This messes with the TV ratings and deals that Crane was expecting to have with the purchase of the Astros.
It makes no sense to move them to a West division. But don't even get me started on teams placements in divisions in the MLB or NFL, some of them lack any sense what so ever.