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Red Fire
(04-21-2017, 07:24 PM)
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Originally Posted by Tathanen

I don't think I would ever talk to this motherfucker again.

Like he is so bad at it even though he doesn't want to

One time me and my brother went to him to play some Ps4 games together. My brother is currently somewhere around alabasta so he hasnt seen anything really.

Even though my friend knows that we are sensible to spoilers and i even told him like a 100 times beforehand to avoid spoilers for my brother, we started up his ps4 and he forgot to change his background which was a big ass portrait of whitebeard. I'm like duude really? He starts to panic and tries to quickly hide the pic.... just to change to a luffy gear 4 artwork. LOOOOOOL

His pitiful face when he realizes he spoiled someone again and will get picked on by us for that for a long time is the best though