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Originally Posted by Electivirus

And Capcom goes further down the shitter.

No AAI2, the Mercenaries save game debacle, this...feh.

That was in games before Mercenaries, like in some SEGA and other sh games.

That's not the point.

Dude, AAI 2.
Mega Man Universe.
Mega Man Legends 3.

Capcom is dead to me. god damn it.

Fuck the bigger development costs compared to the DS, fuck the PSP like graphics, give me my DS back. at least the DS got like 5 or 6 Mega Man games and 3 Castlevania.

F-U-C-K you Capcom.

What kind of company makes insane viral marketing on websites such as Capcom Unity and then cancels everything?

@To Far Away Times: It's like the internet forgot when GAF was full of DS haters because the PSP was the better console etc.
So yeah, it's pretty stupid to hate on the 3DS. and i'm sure Mario Kart 3D and other games will make it sell big. also this is not a matter of Console War... it's not like Legends 3 will come out for Vita, and they have no MM games announced for the Vita aswell.

That's why this is shit. they are letting Mega Man die.

Still, as i said, i hate these "new" portable gaming devices with their fancy graphics.
Imagine how much it costs to develop a 3DS or a Vita game. and suddenly they cancel them.

It's official Crapcom, i will try to give you less and less of my money from now on; enjoy your spam of unnecessary Okami sequels and Monster Hunters, until they sell.