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(10-13-2017, 12:21 AM)
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Originally Posted by Azure J

One Piece is weird in that there are a lot of things where you really enjoy them more in bulk versus the slow drip. This current arc is hurting me so badly (not because its bad but because pls give endgame) but I know I just gotta be patient.

Also, Dressrosa is going to be the New World's Alabasta in terms of impressions later down the line, calling it.

I can see that. I loved the arc after binging through it. Pretty much solidified Doffy as my favorite character in the whole series.

I've actually been enjoying Whole Cake Island a lot week to week though. Haven't felt this invested in One Piece in a looooong time, in-fact. I had been anticipating Big Mom and her crew for many years, and they have totally lived up to the hype for me!