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(08-07-2015, 10:01 AM)
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Originally Posted by Triforce141

See ya.

GG to you, Ryechu and Robotguy. Went 6-0 IIRC and we played a few clans who probably came in with planned strategies.

I've been using different weapons the last few days but I think I've accepted that I'm a Roller. I usually play support roles in FPS/Shooters and I do a good job at it.

I could use a Splattershot or a Splatling but it takes me out of my usual grove. Let me play my support role and cover the map and then I'll help team one way or another whether on offense of defense. And a great defense is the best offense. I catch Chargers and other weapon classes off guard when I'm rushing them.

But two rollers on the same team? It can't and won't work against good team.

We're a 4 man band and the roller is the drummer. You can't have two drummers.