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(08-07-2015, 11:16 AM)
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Originally Posted by Ansatz

I played like 15 ranked matches today, a mix of both ranked modes and I got to use the inkzooka maybe twice. I've also lost my confidence since I rarely get to pop it, I feel like I have to make it count when I finally get a chance to use it and that makes me nervous so I choked.

Yeah I can drop swim speed for special charge up, but then I won't be first in the rush to mid which is crucial considering I use a medium range weapon. Yes I can stand somewhere safe and ink but then the other team can 4v3 the middle area and then I'm standing there like an idiot, I have to aid my team by taking duels that's non negotiable. Essentially the tentatek has no special.

Correction, it has no special in your hands.