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Originally Posted by Mifec

  • Main char(Sebastian) and his wife(Myra) are both cops and have a kid called Lily
  • Lily dies in a house fire along with her babysitter.
  • Wife(Myra) eventually vanishes, she was sure some foul play was involved
  • One day Sebastian gets a call about some trouble at Beacon Mental Asylum
  • Him and his partner Joseph go to check it out along with a rookie called Juli
  • They hear a pitched sound before they arrive at Beacon
  • There they find everyone massacred and Seb goes to check the video feed
  • He's attacked by a strange figure and wakes up hanging upside down
  • Basically someone made a machine that can connect consciousnesses called STEM
  • One of them has to be the core or main consciousness
  • Shady organization wants the core gone and the machine for themselves
  • The strange pitched noise was a wireless signal that transported you into it
  • You have many wacky adventures but you manage to survive(not typing anything cuz of spoilers)
  • Juli was working for shady org called Mobius all along

This is just a short outline with info on the main antagonist other than shady org missing.

TEW2 starts out with a drunk and jobless Seb being approached by Kidman with the news that Lily is alive and being used as a core in a new STEM. You gotta find and save her because she went missing.

Also Juli's last name is Kidman.