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(06-21-2013, 01:12 AM)
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Originally Posted by StudioTan

Because some people care more about games than any of this other crap. Do you think Xbox fans are all stupid? It's about playing the games you want, it's not about politics. I earn my money and I can spend it on anything I want and I don't make purchases not knowing what I'm getting myself into. I owned all the consoles last gen plus a top end gaming PC and I plan to do the same this gen. If I don't feel I'm getting value from something I don't buy it, see WiiU. No interest. MS has games I want, the DRM meant nothing to me and family sharing was just a nice bonus that turned out to be not much of a bonus. That doesn't change the fact that they have some games I really want to play, just like the PS4 does and just like PC does.

Well said. It's not coming from the original user I quoted but this is a respectable answer. Even if I don't agree with it all the way.