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Originally Posted by ThoughtsOfSpeaking

Don't believe that at all.

DMC4 didn't have any cinema advertising (which trust me is extremely expensive), it didn't have it's own app, it wasn't promoted in YouTube and adsense advertising, it wasn't used as wallpaper in digital storefronts in the weeks up to release, wasn't carted to every trade show possible and live streamed etc.

What probably happened here is DmC had the bulk of its marketing money spent before release. When the money men saw that it wasn't providing a return in preorders, they cut the marketing budget.

I'm convinced they have already spent more on marketing this game than DMC4.

Nope, it was smaller than DMC4's.

Christian Svensson, Capcom’s SVP of consumer software, in fact disputed the idea that DmC had a larger marketing budget than Devil May Cry 4. “I won’t get into exact numbers but I also believe your statements about PD or marketing budgets between DMC4 and DmC to not be factually correct (details of which I doubt IR would ever make public since we never disclose exact title level budgets for anything),” he told a fan who asked about sales.

That said, I'm really happy you perceive the DmC marketing budget to be "much, much larger". :)

If movie ads are expensive as you say they are, then they must've spent a bunch of their budget on that.